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BCIT Off-Campus Student Housing Database

Since 2000, BCIT has provided an online database of off-campus housing for our students. This resource provides an efficient method for local landlords to post a suitable rental for a student while they attend BCIT for a nominal cost. Over 25,000 landlords and property managers have posted a student rental ad over the years in the Greater Burnaby area helping us provide this invaluable resource to our students. Students, there are many great off-campus rentals in and around BCIT and, to save costs, perhaps consider a roommate? Landlords, we are currently seeking short-term rentals for our students. First-time landlords receive your first 30-day listing free. Landlords, be sure to choose the 12-month posting option allowing you to re-list and de-list as many times as needed throughout the year. A full year listing is just $36 using promo code 'SUMMER-2022'. Thank you for supporting BCIT off-campus student housing!